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Guide to renting

On this page your questions will be answered one by one. We understand the needs and your expectations there for we are always with you. You should choose the yacht of your choice and the appropriate destination.
We will offer you high quality service with attention to all significant details.
We expect your choices so as to serve you.

What comes next is important to us in order to provide you with the best possible service:

  • Your experience with yachts
  • Your favorite destination and your experience on chosen destination .
  • Details of you that you asses that we have to be aware of.
  • An assessment of your budget
  • When and for how long you plan to travel
  • What are your preferences on your trip
  • Also, any important information that can improve your vacation we will be happy whether  you would like to share it with us.

Make a contact via the contact page or phone to convey your wishes to the company responsible for the chartered vessel of your choice. If you need further information to fully understand your inquiry, we will contact you. A conversation with you would be very helpful for us so as to cover all the potential gabs and recommend to you the most suitable product.
You can also fill out the booking form and clarify several points. In any case one communication with us will be help full by all means.

The payment procedure is as follows:

Your reservation is guaranteed with a deposit of 20% of the total fare. The remaining 80 % of the charter fee is due 3 weeks prior to your arrival or as agreed with the company that you made the deal. Deposits of funds will be made in a bank account on IBAN that you receive in time. Deposit number will be received after you have agreed to the terms of charter. Each MPYC has its own IBAN since the deposit has to be made to the MPYC that owns the chartered vessel. After the last deposit via an e-mail you receive further details concerning the location of the yacht on hold, the contact- person and other information related to the contract .

The charter contract, invoice or proof of a payment will follow the final confirmation.

Before arrival you will need:
Information about the arrival.
Catalog - list of your requirements, hotel reservations, transportation, etc.
You will also receive a list of what you should bring with you.

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About Us

CARETTA-YACHTS is an association among MCPYs of small sail-yachts which acting in Greek marinas. Through this site the included companies aiming at increasing the number of their clients.
This corporation came up to enforce the highlight of the shared-in vessels costless so as to achieving low cost offers for their potential clients.
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