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Charter deposit INSURANCE for boat charters

  • What is covered? The Security deposit paid to the charter company, in case this is retained for possible loss or damage of the chartered vessel.
  • The cost is 7-8% of Security deposit. Not less than 50,00 €
  • Deductible is 10% of the Security Deposit. Not less than 100,00 € per damage

Charter cancellation INSURANCE concerns insurance of the skipper and the crew members

  • This insurance covers cancellation costs, as a result of sudden accident or death, severe illness, in case of an insured person or his/her closest relatives drops out.
  • It costs 3,50% of the travel price in case of bare boat charter and 5% of the travel price including the skipper
  • Premium, not less than 50,00 €

Charter Payment Protection INSURANCE
This insurance covers charter cost when neither the chartered, nor an alternative yacht similar size, can be made available by the charter company.
This insurance covers cancellation costs

  • It costs 2% of the travel price
  • Premium, not less than 60,00 €
  • For more information and Insurance Reservations please give us a call.

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